Following the Government's agenda for schools, Endeavour Learning Trust (ELT) was set up as a multi academy trust (known as a MAT) in 2016. Churchtown Primary School joined ELT on 1st February 2019.

The role of governance is slightly different once a school is a member of a MAT, with Local Academy Councillors overseeing the individual schools through their work in a Local Academy Councils (LACs) and Trustees overseeing all the academies in the MAT.

Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction, broad policy framework and oversight of the Trust and all its academies. They take decisions that are in the best interests of the MAT as a whole and are not representative of any one of the constituent academies. The primary function of the Local Academy Councils is to support and critically appraise the quality of the work of the Academy Leadership in meeting the overall aims of the MAT, particularly in ensuring that the students and staff in the MAT are given every opportunity to thrive and achieve their best. More information about the governance structure of Endeavour Learning Trust, including its articles and scheme of delegation, please refer to and the links below.

Members and Trustees of Endeavour Learning Trust


Trust Board:

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Trustees and Members:

Churchtown Local Academy Council 

Academy Councillors are selected to cover a variety of stakeholders; there are two elected parent positions on the board and one appointed staff position in addition to school leadership positions of Executive Headteacher and Headteacher. The remainder of the board will be appointed by Trustees based on their skills. The current LAC membership is available in the document below.

Training and Support

To keep abreast of new legislation and to maintain and learn new skills, Local Academy Councillors are encouraged to attend the variety of training courses that are available to them. New Councillors are supported by a mentor. The Trust sets aside two additional meetings per year to concentrate on joint training objectives for Local Academy Councillors and Trustees.

Further information on Governance Structure of the Local Academy Council are detailed in the following documents: 

Governance Documents

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Contact Information

The chair of the Local Academy Council is Mr Colin Fenny. 

If you wish to contact any member of the Local Academy Council, ELT Trustee or Member you can do so by either contacting the school office (details below) or Mrs C White, Clerk to the Local Academy Council (

Telephone: Call the switchboard on 01704 508500 and ask to leave a message


Endeavour Learning Trust is a limited company number 7848372

Registered in England. Registered office: Buckshaw House, East Terrace Business park, Euxton Lane, Chorley, PR7 6TB

Telephone: 01772 817904

Endeavour Learning Trust is a Limited company but is exempt from the obligation to use “limited” as part of the company name.