Hi, my name is Mr. Pritchard and I have delivered Music to the children of Churchtown Primary School since 2014. I have a long background in Music, having performed on stage since I was 7 Years old. My main instrument is drums, which I have played for over 25 years+, but I also play guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, recorder, tuned percussion, untuned percussion, ukuleles and like to sing as much as possible. 

I love Music, and still listen, perform, record and teach it as much as I possibly can. I believe that every child at Churchtown should learn Music in the most enjoyable way possible, and that children can help to discover who they are in the world through Music alone. Music can be used to build confidence, challenge pupils, help them to learn about those close to them and those around the world.  

Eearly Yeats Music

Music in Nursery and Reception is vital to help children to develop as a young person in the world and their school. Through Music, we learn our different routines, such as our welcoming songs, and learn how others like to meet and greet each other, such as the ‘Chinese Hello song’ at new Year. We learn how to use different counts, chants and colours in our Music lessons, as well as learning Christmas songs to celebrate our festive time of year.  

In our weekly lessons, we like to perform action songs, sing nursery rhymes and sing with Mr. Pritchard on the guitar. We learn some songs in English and French, such as Frere Jaques and also like to play small instruments to enhance various songs. The children will also get the chance to perform at Christmas, and also three times per year, as part of the whole school celebrations at St. Cuthbert’s Church. 

KS1 Music

Music at Key Stage 1 provides a perfect link from Early Years to the Infant Years. At first, we use some songs that the children have used in their Early Years' time, linking the learning perfectly. We will enhance these songs through the use of instruments, singing techniques and various performances. In key Stage 1, we will focus on Musicality, where the children will start to develop their Musical thinking to a broad range of topics. 

Children will have the chance to perform African Djembe drum rhythms, American Ukulele songs, Chinese tuned percussive songs, Groovy dance moves and traditional ballet sequences to the Nutcracker. Through these topics, the children will learn to use basic Musical Elements, such as dynamic changes (volume changes) and tempo changes (speed changes). Children will also get the chance to perform a longer Nativity themed show. 

Lower KS2 Music

Music at Lower Key Stage 2 starts by building on the Children’s familiarity with previous instruments. We will perform more Ukulele songs, more detailed Djembe African songs, Sing and perform Christmas songs on a keyboard and perform more difficult Chinese songs, in Chinese. We will develop more complex elements of Music such as looking at the timbre (quality) of our instrumental playing. This will aid our musical ear in making decisions when we are performing. New topics we will cover, include looking at 7 different types of recorders, Indian Music in a tabla-drum style, performing Star Wars themes on Djembe drums and drum kit techniques. 

At year 4, children will have the chance to learn what is known as ‘Wider Opportunities’. This means that your child will have the chance to experience new instruments including guitars, clarinets and trumpets in a more detailed study program. This will be delivered by Mr. Pritchard, as well as instrumental teachers from Sefton Music Service. The children will have the chance to take their instruments home, rehearse and learn, like a true, performing Musician. Children in Year 4, will also have the chance to perform a full-on, feature length Musical show. 

Upper KS2 Music

Upper Key Stage 2 starts with enhanced topics of previous studies. We will look at the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ topic, which will dwell on previous knowledge from the Star Wars topic, from year 3. This will link perfectly some of the knowledge that the children should have gained from their experience of different instruments in year 4. Further to this, children will perform in St Cuthbert’s Church as part of their festive celebrations, and will learn enhanced singing techniques to perform at their Christmas Carol Concert. 

In Year 6, the children will be getting fully prepped and prepared for High School. As a former High School teacher, Mr. Pritchard knows exactly what is required to prepare the children for this giant leap, musically. The children will be looking at the elements of Music, reading Music and performing to a very high standard. This will perfectly consolidate everything that the children have learnt, throughout Primary School, with the same teacher throughout their experience. 

Music tuition Year 5/6 

After a year of ‘Wider Opportunities’ in Year 4, the Children will have the chance to learn an instrument of their choosing, in addition to their weekly Music lessons. If the Children enjoyed their clarinet, they may wish to carry this on, or choose other woodwind instruments such as flutes or saxophones. If they enjoyed their brass, they may wish to carry on with trumpet, or learn trombone or baritone instruments. Guitar lessons will also be on offer, as well as drum kit lessons for those children looking to further their learning in these areas. Lessons will be provided by Mr. Pritchard, as well as the ‘Wider Opportunities’ teachers that the children met in Year 4. Children may carry this on to year 6 also. 

Year 6 Bands

This ‘School of Rock’ styled club, will take place after Christmas and Easter for children in Year 6. Here, children will learn how to perform in a ‘Rock Orchestra’ with instruments including Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Singing through Microphones, Amped-Up Keyboards and Full-Sized Drum Kits. We will perform songs such as ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Seven Nation Army’. 

Churchtown choir

Our Choir is made up, complete, of about 120 Children. At Christmas, our Choir will be made up of children from Year 5 and year 6. We will perform at St. Cuthbert’s Church, as well as various charitable events in the community. At Christmas we learn around 20 + festive tunes to sing with the rest of the school at Church for our Christmas buddy assembly. The children do not need to audition for the choir, allowing the opportunity to sing in an inclusive environment. At Easter, our choir will be made up of children from Year 3 and Year 4, who will have their first opportunity to join the choir.