History Aims

The history curriculum at Churchtown Primary School enables pupils to: 
•    Understand the past and understand how events have shaped how we live today. 
•    Know that history is a moment in time and be able to place events chronologically.  
•    Be inspired by moments from history and be curious about how life has altered as a result of history.
•    Know about their local history, significant figures and key world history events.  
•    Understand that people may interpret the past in a variety of different ways & use different ways to present their own ideas.
•    Think critically and make use of a variety of sources to find out about the past.
•    Talk articulately, using subject specific vocabulary, about their learning of world history and events, doing so with clarity & independence. 

Whilst fulfilling the aims set out by the National Curriculum, our curriculum is further informed by pupil interest and the context of the local area. Resources and expertise from the Historical Association are utilised to support our curriculum design and teaching.

How we deliver our History curriculum: 

Our history curriculum is thematic and key themes, historical concepts & skills and knowledge are clearly planned to support pupil learning. Units are planned in a way that spark curiosity and ensures pupils are enthused to learn, allowing pupils the opportunity to investigate sources, use artefacts, take part in role play etc. to help build pupils’ knowledge and develop their skills in history.

All lessons start by revisiting pupil prior knowledge to enable all pupils to recall their previous learning and make connections between key historical concepts and periods in time. For each unit, key vocabulary is taught explicitly and the core substantive knowledge and pertinent skills thread through each unit to allow pupils to integrate their new knowledge into larger core concepts.

Our history curriculum provides a range of key learning opportunities including visits from external speakers and historians. We also ensure key learning opportunities are provided that extend beyond the classroom to enrich our curriculum and further pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the topics they are studying. 

History Curriculum

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