Nursery 8:30am - 3:30pm
Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3  8:40am - 3:10pm
Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6  8:40am - 3:20pm


Our school doors open at 8:40am (8.30 for Nursery) each morning and all children should be in school by 8:50am. If your child arrives after 8:50am they will need to enter school through the main school entrance and a late mark will be recorded. School finishes at 3:10pm for Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year3. Whilst Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 finish at 3:20pm.

The three external gates (Botanic Park gate, The Lodge Gate and Dining Hall Gate) are opened at 8:30am, with classroom doors and any external doors opening at 8:40am. All gates and doors are manned by a staff member once opened. You will be informed of the doors each class enter and exit by.

Any children travelling to and from school by bike or scooter must dismount and push the bike or scooter whilst on school grounds. All bikes/scooters must be stored in the 'bike sheds' located next to the Botanic garden gate or by the Dining Hall entrance.

We keep the playground gates shut between 9:00am and 3:00pm, and ask everyone to sign in and out at the school office using our electronic In-Ventry system. This is to make sure we know who is on site – both in case we have an emergency or evacuation and need to do a roll-call, and to safeguard the children. If children have to leave/return between 8:40 and 3:10/3:20pm they will need to be collected/returned by an adult, and be signed out and in at the school office. 

Parents are encouraged to park away from the front of school and walk via the park or neighbouring roads. There is a drop off area outside the front of school, please be reminded this is a drop off zone and not an area to park. We regularly have parking attendants who help to police the safe use of this area.


Total Hours Per Week

Reception - Year 3 32 hours 30 minutes per week
Year 4 - Year 6  33 hours 10 minutes per week