School Parking

Churchtown Primary School is set in a residential area and parking is extremely limited with parking restrictions in place along Sunny Road and St Cuthbert’s Road.

Appointment Parking

If you have a formal appointment at school, please contact us in advance on the day of your visit by calling the Office on 01704 508500 or emailing to enquire about parking permit availability.

School Run: Child Drop Off and Collection

For the safety of everyone using the roads and pavements approaching and close to school, we strongly encourage all parents and carers not to use the Sunny Road/St Cuthbert’s Road one way system for drop off and collection.  It is a narrow thoroughfare not designed to take the potential volume of traffic School could generate.

If walking, scootering or cycling to school from home is not possible, parking away from the premises and walking in is the recommended alternative, making use of the Botanic Gardens entrance where practical.

Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

For those who have no option but to drive to school, a Drop Off and Pick Up Zone is in operation on the school side of St Cuthbert’s Road allowing vehicles only to pull in, pause without turning off the ignition or driver leaving the vehicle for dropping off or picking up and soonest and safest movement away for another vehicle to do the same.

Do not use the yellow zig-zag area to drop or collect children.

Yellow Zig Zag

It is dangerous, selfish and illegal to drop off and collect children on the Yellow Zig Zag road markings.  Blocking this area even momentarily causes a hazard for pedestrians on both sides of the road.

No Waiting Allowed

Parking restrictions now in place along the entire length of St Cuthbert’s Road prevent waiting of any vehicle not displaying a Blue Badge.  No period of grace will be given by Sefton Council Traffic Enforcement and a fixed penalty Parking Charge Notices (PCN) can and will be issued to vehicles failing to keep restricted parking clear.

Blue Badge Holders

In addition, Blue Badge waiting is restricted to a short length of St Cuthbert’s Road opposite the main building for use by Blue Badge holders who are exiting the vehicle and collecting children in the playground; and to designated spaces on Sunny Road and St Cuthbert's Road - both of which are restricted only to vehicles displaying a numbred permit issued by the School.

Sunny Road Cul-de-Sac

School run vehicles are not permitted to enter the Sunny Road Cul-de-Sac.  For the safety of pedestrians and courtesy to residents, there is no school parking, turning, waiting or dropping allowed along this resident-only street without valid resident or disabled parking permit issued by School.

Child Safety

The safety of the children attending school and that of their accompanying parents and carers is our absolute priority. 

Unfortunately, a small minority of parents and carers have historically made pedestrian access perilous by parking on single and double yellow lines, on pavements, in resident only parking, across and on occasion, in resident driveways. 

As part of a strong local community, the School asks all parents and carers to respect local residents, their property and access to it.  The School will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of members of the local community or anyone acting to enforce parking restrictions that keep the roads clear of obstruction and pedestrians safe.


We hope it will never be necessary, but members of the School community and local residents are welcome to report any offending vehicles to the School Office with photographs.  Offenders may be invited into the school to discuss the circumstances and repeat offender details made public.