Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. We do this by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school.


1 hour = 1 credit


From Reception to Year 6, if your child collects more than 30 credits they will be able to attend a Graduation Ceremony in both Year 2 and 6 at Edge Hill University.


In order to be apart of Children’s University, you need to order a ‘Passport to Learning’ from the school office at the price of £3.95. To gain credits you need to get your passport stamped by any outside clubs accredited by Children’s University.


Your child can earn credits by:

- attending ‘school clubs’ (outside lesson time).

- attending out of school activities (10 credits maximum per term)

- attending Learning Destinations throughout the UK. (

- earning extra credits by carrying out ‘Holiday Challenges’.

- carrying out Masterclasses in school time.


By taking part in Children’s University, we want every child to feel:

·         That learning can be fun, aspirational, and lifelong

·         They have enjoyed a range of new learning experiences and are motivated to keep learning in different ways

·         They have grown in confidence and self-belief

·         They have a broader range of essential skills in line with the Skills Builder Framework

·         They are empowered to make positive choices about their future

·         They can better cope with the challenges that life throws at them

·         They are celebrated for their commitment to learning by their family, school, and community.


Please always remember the 5 Golden Rules!


    1. Learning must be voluntary.
    2. Learning must be out of school hours.
    3. There must be structured learning taking place.
    4. Pupils can gain no more than 10 credits per activity per term
    5. All passport credits must be gained at a validated Learning destination. Passports will be stamped, not signed.

If you require any other information, then please contact either Mrs Stalker or Mrs Howard.

Good luck!

For further information please follow this link

Children's University Virtual Clubs

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Updated: 21/07/2022 64 Bytes