The Southport Learning Partnership 

The Southport Learning Partnership is a cluster of  18  primary schools,  4  secondary schools and 2 special schools, who have come together on a number of  projects to give a wonderful opportunity for the children of Southport to share curriculum experiences as well as working on annual projects to develop our role within the Southport community.

The common purpose underlying the activities of the partnership is to increase the capacity of each of the schools to raise standards, improve behaviour and attendance, promote community cohesion and personalise provision for all children and young people.

Projects to Date

Creative Learning and Writing (CLAW) -  projects to stimulate children's creative writing - The Tardis, The Cube and The Sopwith Camel Project
Schools Councils - Raising awareness of Dementia through memory boxes
Lunchbox project - Healthy eating and childhood obesity
Kings Garden project 
SMILE challenge - how to make a difference to a community for £10
Inter school sports - an annual sports week
Community engagement

The CORE Network

The CORE Collaborative is one of the smallest in the region consisting of six member primary schools. CORE is essentially a leadership-focused group which meets six times each year at senior leadership level to discuss the latest developments in education and plan professional development for leaders and school staff.

Children's University

Pupils at our school are invited to participate in both the Sefton and the National Children’s University Scheme.  The schemes aims to reward a pupil’s voluntary engagement with learning beyond the school day.  Pupils obtain credits for attendance at clubs and showing a commitment to learning, outside of the school day. 

We  provide a wide range of clubs that meet the interests and abilities of our pupils, whilst developing skills and raise aspirations for the future.  We offer a wide range of sports clubs (netball, tag rugby, athletics, football, multisport), arts clubs (choirs, band, drama, strictly dance, street dance, & cookery), plus leadership opportunities (sports ambassadors, science ambassadors, Maths and Reading champions) and academic clubs such as science, languages and homework.

Pupils receiving sufficient credits, at the end of each Key Stage, are invited to a graduation day.  This is held annually, usually at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, in the Summer Term.     

Our pupils can also gain additional credits through the Passport to Learning Scheme. Pupils collect credits in their own Children’s University Passport by learning at verified “Public Learning Destinations” across Merseyside.  Learning Destinations are places and organisations that children can 'travel' with their Passport. They provide high quality learning activities and experiences with a 'wow' factor and have passed the Children's University's own quality assurance process. A Learning Destination can range from a museum to a farm or from an airport to a university as long as the learning activity connects with Children's University learning. Passports can be purchased from school. Please see Sefton Children’s University website for an up to date list of accredited Learning Destinations.